The Story

VIVELA means “live it to the fullest”. It’s a word I found myself using often when encouraging myself and others. It’s also a lifestyle, a way to living life that says,”I won’t waste a moment in the pursuit of living out my purpose”. This philosophy was born out of struggle, challenges and victories in my own life that convinced me that everyone has the same opportunity to live it to the fullest.

VIVELA was born from a personal ethos and the inspirational experience as member of a local cycling community called RWAM. Riding thousands of miles with this group changed my life in so many good ways. After years of receiving so much from this community it was time to give back. But this meant giving back somewhere else. We are given to give and now it’s my turn to share that experience with others.

The Mission

Fitness is a great equalizer. It’s free, available to all and can produce amazing outcomes that affect every aspect of life. That’s where we start. By connecting with others through group rides in neighborhoods, trails or roads and providing weekly/monthly opportunities to experience cycling and winter sports with access to quality equipment. Through these events, participants have the chance to begin the journey of owning their well-being and elevating their life through fitness.

The benefits of these fitness events opens the door to new experiences, new horizons, new habits and new goals that perhaps weren’t available before. VÍVELA will seek to create these experiences for our neighbors and soon to be friends who are waiting for the invitation. I know we have big hearts and a welcoming spirit within our local cycling and winter sports communities. When you see us show up, come say hello. VIVELA!

Founder- Carlos Esquivel

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