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Fat Tire Bike Rides

It’s time to ride fat bikes again with some snow on the way. We’ve been blessed with a donation from League of Michigan Bicyclist that will provide a season of fat tire riding for our community. Our first ride for 2023 will be January 21 2023. All spots are taken and we’re excited to ride […]

Barry-Rubaix 2023

En nombre de Vivela, Michigan Gravel Racing Series (MGRS) esta ofreciendo un descuento de $20 para la comunidad latina hacia el costo de registracion de Barry-Rubaix mediante el uso de un código de cupón. MGRS está ansioso por apoyar a las comunidades latinas y brindar más oportunidades de participar en este evento famoso. Estamos agradecidos […]

Vivela Podiums

Local cyclocross race series, KissCross, is currently running a great race event that our team is participating in. It’s our first time doing cyclocross races, so there was a learning curve, but it was fast as we joining the B group to get our bearing on how to get around the challenging course. Imagine 40 […]


Recruitment for Team Vivela has begun and we’re excited to have three new riders joining the team. To join a rider has to demonstrate a minimum capability and commit to a year of membership. It’s been great to see the energy and interest from these guys. The official season for race events will begin in […]