April 2 Saturday Neighborhood Ride

Holland Neighborhood ride starting at Smallenberg Park. 10AM-11:30AM

Come join us for a easy pace neighborhood ride where we get to connect with other kids and adults that might have a bike use. We’ll be ready to help with the standard repair if needed. Goal is to connect and encourage fitness using bikes. Sign up to role with us as a volunteer.

FEB 12

Our next event will be on February 12 11AM-1PM at Riley Trails!


Riley Trails photo || SINGLETRACKS.COM

We’ll be providing fat tire bikes to ride the groomed trails at Riley. This is a great spot to enjoy nature and get a good workout in the snow!

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FEB 19

Cross Country Ski- Freestyle Introduction February 19 11AM-1PM. We have a few weeks left of snow and groomed trails. Location: Pigeon Creek, Olive Township. Skis and hot chocolate provided. Want to invite someone or participate? email us here